MWA 2011 Shortlist

The 2011 Muslim Writers Awards shortlists are:

  • Published Novel
    Roopa Farooki - Half Life (Macmillan, PanMacmillan)
    Aamer Hussein - The Cloud Messenger (Telegram)
    Shahriar Mandanipour - Censoring an Iranian Love Story (Abacus, Little, Brown Book Group)
    Bahaa Taher - Sunset Oasis (Sceptre, Hodder and Stoughton)
    Farahad Zama - The Wedding Wallah (Abacus, Little, Brown Book Group)

  • Published Children's Book
    Randa Abdel- Fattah - The Friendship Matchmaker (Omnibus Books, Scholastic)
    Na'ima B Robert - Far From Home (Frances Lincoln Children's Books, Janetta Otter-Barry Books)
    Rukhsana Khan - Wanting Mor (Groundwood)
    Irfan Master - A Beautiful Lie (Bloomsbury)
    Anna Perera - Guantanamo Boy (Puffin)

  • Unpublished Novel
    Salma Bratt - Moroccan Tales of Love and Disaster
    Jessica Freeland - The Other Garden
    Ayshah Johnston - Scattered Pearls
    Ahmed Masoud - Gaza Days
    Yusuf Misdaq - Narayan

  • Unpublished Children's Story
    Loay El Hady - Flutterby
    Muhammad Islam - Zayd and the Papyrus of Damascus
    Reba Khatun - The Case of the Disappearing Pets
    Wendy Meddour - A Hen in the Wardrobe
    Mehded Sinclair - When Wings Expand

  • Unpublished Short Story
    Shahnaz Ahsan - Mother
    Tam Hussain - Little Flecks of Silver
    Sahin Kathawala - Malison Orison
    Lori Zakariyya King - Series Two, Episode Fourteen
    Hanzla Arif MacDonald - Sketches of Early Adult Life
    Daniel Oliver - Strange Marriage

    Unpublished Poetry
    Safina Akram - Alas How I Miss My Sleep, and others
    Saleha Begum - Shadows in Harlequin Masks
    Thomas Evans - Beard is Beautiful, and others
    Lori Zakariyya King - Kitchen Set Libel, and others
    Shamim Razaq - To Keats, and others

  • Stage and Screen Play
    Malik Basso - Somewhere Near You
    Conor Ibrahiem - Yours Faithfully
    Qaisra Shahraz - The Holy Woman
    Faisal Qureshi - The Footsoldier

  • Young Journalist (16-25)
    Saman Anwar - Meddling in Marrakech, and others
    Siraj Datoo - Ethnic Profiling, and others
    Nabila Idris - A Story from Bangladesh: Licensed to Steal!
    Tasnim Nazeer - Amnesty International Report 2010, and others
    Iman Qureshi - Why Are All Pakistani Men being Smeared in the Sex-Grooming Cases?, and others